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I am a garden-and-book Epicurean by temperament and desire. As such I try to base my life on ideas of slowness, contemplation, inner luxury, imaginative reverie, and poetic perception. I have always believed that if you learn to understand nature's hidden language, your existence becomes a constant revelation. There is no greater joy than going through your days appreciating the wonders of the green world, the revelations of the elements, the music which comes from the waters and the stars, and the iridescence to be found in all kinds of natural light. If you add to this the wisdom to be discovered in rare old books, you need nothing more. I especially enjoy studying 17the century French and English poetry, fin-de-si├Ęcle aesthetics, classical philosophy, and the spiritual traditions of both East and West. My favorite writers include William Shakespeare, Marcel Proust, John Cowper Powys, Oscar Wilde, and Jack Kerouac.

I will be moving to North Carolina within the next few weeks and am looking forward to living a new kind of life in harmony with my Thoreauvian ideals.



You can contact me at:  themista ... [at] ... themista.com

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