The Future of Money.

We will begin this most amusing of my essays with my most lunatic belief: I am absolutely certain that the toxic energy which we humans call money is currently evaporating into air, into thin air. That's right. Money is starting to dematerialize all over the earth, and by the end of the 21st century it just won't be there any longer. This includes both the American dollar as well as other national currencies. All this means that the contemporary pursuit of what is known as filthy lucre is an utter exercise in futility. Somebody should tell the planet's money grubbers that all the scrambling they are doing after the cash isn't really worth it. They are chasing phantoms. They may as well forget it and go fishing.

Mind you, the disappearance of the planet's assorted currencies isn't going to happen all at once. I doubt that we will have a completely moneyless world until the 22nd century. So the human race can still look forward to a good many years during which they can max-out their Master Cards. It's just that in the years to come, if you are a legacy type possessed of what you think is sound financial sense, I don't recommend that you try to talk to your kids or grandkids about money. They will look at you as if you are cuckoo.

But never mind about that--what will happen to the planet when money isn't around any more? Will we go back to bartering for goods and services? Or will we grab our shotguns and steal anything not nailed down? Suppose the honchos at Versace, Cartier, and Macy's announced that starting next Thursday, all their inventory would be given away for free? Then what would happen? Yeah, I know: buffalo stampede. Money keeps our exchanges in good working order, so without it everything would collapse into chaos! Getting and spending is the only way to do life, just as great big bureaucratic national socialism is the only way to do government!

Well, in the bad old Piscean days this was correct. Money was a necessity. But we are now moving into the Aquarian era, where legacy ideas of ownership and capital are starting to dissolve into nothingness. When you go through your days focusing on Indra's Net instead of me-me-me-mine-mine-mine, you don't want to take more than what will satisfy your most minimal needs. This means that when we finally reach a moneyless world, it will not manifest as an eternal Black Friday. Aquarians are not going to have the slightest desire to go after the kind of expensive legacy crap which still poisons the planet, such as 24-carat gold Rolexes, late-model Porsches, and Blenheim Palace. I except that some of this stuff will be preserved in museums to show people the horrifying illusions of their idiot ancestors, but as for people wanting to own it themselves . . . no way.

So I am going to stand my ground on this. I am certain that money is currently in the process of vanishing from planet earth faster than you can say poof. But why should this be a problem? Let us remember that money has been nothing but a toxic form of energy from its inception. Money came into existence only about 5,000 years ago, and anything with a beginning will inevitably reach an end. It's just that it wasn't supposed to happen in your lifetime, right? Well, cheer up. A moneyless world is going to be a vast improvement over the mess we've got now. Here are my reasons why money is dying:

Currency is dematerializing. Have you noticed what has happened to our currencies in the past few decades? They have dissolved into nothingness. Once upon a time money actually possessed what human beings think of as solidity, since it was minted from precious metals like gold and silver. But nowadays money has turned into nothing but an electrical impulse, and a fiat one at that, since these impulses are not backed up by any kind of precious metal. In other words, money has become the most insubstantial of manifestations. At the moment it still seems real, but how much longer is that going to last?

Inflation. Our American dollars lose a percentage of their value every year thanks to inflation. The US Inflation Calculator tells us that from 1913 to 2016 the inflation rate was 2293.1%. If this rate continues for another hundred years, what costs about $500 in 2016 will cost over one million dollars in another century. Ever increasing valuelessness is a sign of a moribund energy.

The national debt. Those electrical impulses now known as dollars are not the only kind of fiscal bytes around today. There also exists a very different kind of electrical impulse, that of emptiness, also known as debt, which is swamping people, businesses, and governments with every passing year. The worst of these debts are those stratospheric governmental black holes which demagogic politicians all over the world have inflicted upon their hapless citizenry. The American national debt now stands at nineteen trillion dollars, and it increases by a good two or three billion dollars every day. Until someone explains to me how our governmental debt will ever be repaid, I guarantee that the only thing that it will accomplish is the death of the dollar. Those electrical bytes known as value and those electrical bytes known as void are going to cancel each other out.

Personal debt. The American people cannot manage their finances any more than their elected representatives. Millions of people in this country today are going through their lives up to their thorax with one kind of debt or another: credit cards, education, mortgages, car loans. And nearly half the people in American households don't manage to save a dime. Americans live out their lives swamped in emptiness instead of equity, which means that they are living out their lives in a void. This is not a healthy place to be.

Wealth is no longer being created. There are millions of profitable businesses in the contemporary world which produce valuable goods, and they keep the world's economies on track. The problem is that there are also millions of people all over the world who do not produce anything of value but who still manage to earn decent wages. I am of course referring to the planet's cubicle slaves, who push the paper, implement the rules and regulations, and otherwise spend their time dealing with utterly useless energies. They are leeching instead of producing, and whatever worthwhile goods are being created by others are being negated by all the millions who take but never give. All this adds up to nothing but enormous planetary waste, and I'm not talking about landfills. If you've ever wondered why the idea of a prosperous economy is an ever-receding phantom, it's because of the exponential growth of rules, law, regulations, procedures which now must be enforced by billions of drudges processing ever more meaningless paperwork. The loss of human potential in this ghastly dissipation is mind-boggling.

Post-capitalism. We are starting to move into a social arrangement which a dismal bore like Karl Marx never could have envisioned: a post-capitalist world. When Marx wrote his Kapital in 1867, equity was something which was going to last absolutely forever, just like the proletariat. Well, here at the dawn of the Aquarian era, the whole idea of capital is rapidly becoming yet more legacy uselessness. The operative economic term these days is share, which has become one of the most ubiquitous words on the internet and which is rapidly turning into a new kind of economic ideal. People today love to go online to share their experiences, their photographs, their recipes, and their likes or dislikes. Sharing is what will count in the future, not ownership. At the moment of course, what people share are mostly online intangibles, but if you ask me, they will eventually want to share a lot more than their bytes. There is plenty of evidence that this is already starting to happen: check out the sharing economy, the access economy, and the gift economy.

Population decline. Perpetual economic growth cannot happen when the population starts to drop. And all the signs are that this is exactly what is starting to happen on Planet Earth. Yes, I know that there continue to be scare predictions about how the human population will soon reach eleven billion, or twenty billion, or goodness only knows what kind of billion. Well, a more accurate vision of the future can be found at this site about dead shopping malls, or in articles like this one, which discusses the phenomenon of abandoned houses in Japan. The population of our earth is starting to decline instead of increase, and this decline will become increasingly evident as the years go on. Mind you, I don't think that the human race is about to vanish from the earth, but when the death rate overtakes the birth rate, economic growth neither can nor will continue to happen. This also means that by the end of the century, many people will be able to help themselves to free materials left behind by people who died without living heirs. When land, houses, cars, furniture, and electronics are free for the taking, who needs money?

* * *

So all forms of planetary money are going . . . going . . . and soon gone. But stop panicking and start thinking about the blessings that a moneyless world can bring to our dysfunctional planet. Wouldn't you enjoy living in a world where greed, conspicuous consumption, and elite credit cards have vanished into nothingness? Here are some things you can do to help create it:

The necessary first step. If you want to change the world, you need to change yourself first. And if you want to change yourself, the most important thing you need to do is learn how to work with Divine energy. This is simple enough: just follow my guide on How to Work with Divine Energy.

Understand what makes an interesting life. One of the biggest fallacies in our addled world is the illusion that you cannot have an interesting life unless you have money. The theory is that making a purchase, whether of an object or an experience, is supposed to supply you with some kind of intense enjoyment or something. Not that I can see, not in a world where hedonic adaptation is always kicking in. Fortunately there is a much healthier way to generate an interesting life, and it won't cost you a dime: you simply need to start practicing that Divine energy called create. When you switch your focus from spending to creating, you discover that nothing is lacking in your life, you couldn't care less if you don't have piles of creature comforts, and you never feel poor. Which of course you aren't. A person whose life is constantly filled with Divine energy doesn't know what poverty means. See Chapter 17 of The Compleat Psychic for suggestions about becoming more creative.

Never desire anything more than what you truly need. Japanese craftsmen have always believed that they lose their skills if they accumulate wealth beyond their most basic needs. So if you're wondering exactly what kind of income will be best for you, a Biblical quote can help here: "give me neither poverty nor riches" (Proverbs 30:8). In other words, the best possible financial goal is that of middleness. When you are content with what you have, not only are you living in harmony with the natural flow of energy, you will be able to maintain your creative skills as long as you live. Now I will admit that even the most dedicated of creators will occasionally lust to purchase a new object in space, even though he or she doesn't really need it. Well, at times like these, your oracle will tell you whether it is best for both you and the summum bonum if you do acquire it. Your oracle will also be able to guide you about whether your creative endeavors are truly filled with beneficial energies. As for the tools, raw materials, and other essentials you need for your own creations, here again you should follow your oracle's guidelines about taking only what you need.

Give away your creations for free. If you are currently earning a living from your artistic endeavors, you need to understand where your income is coming from, namely the cubicle slaves of this world. These are your brothers and sisters who would love to be creative themselves but who are trapped in a toxic system. And their unhappy energies are going into the money they give you for your creations. So even if you've managed to escape office slavery, you are still living off tainted energy like everyone else these days. But if you want to help kill off the system, there is one way you can do it: start giving away at least some of your creations for free. To a certain extent this is already happening: the internet is filled these days with plenty of free music, videos, instruction, software, and graphics. Mind you, I'm not recommending that you give away everything you create, not as long as we are in a money world. But you can help the moneyless world to manifest by giving away a small percentage of your products. And then if you can manage it, keep increasing the percentage. It's true that this will put a dent into your profit margin, but I guarantee that the more you give your stuff away, the more you will experience Aquarian bliss.

Give away your services for free. If you don't have stuff to give away, you can still give away your services. Do some of your neighbors need help? Is there anyway you can volunteer in your community? Forget about watching the latest toxic illusion on the flat screen and donate some of your time to someone who needs help. Of course, if the thought of giving up ESPN or Grand Theft Auto is too painful to be contemplate, then you need to ask and give permission for the Divine to free you of your obsession with sports and games. Guaranteed to work, take my word for it.

Give away your old stuff for free. Forget about selling something that you no longer need--give it away instead. Get into the habit of donating your stuff either to friends or family, or to online recycling services like Freecycle. And have a garage give instead of a sale. Your neighbors will love you for it.

Switch your focus from stuff to intangibles. If you find it difficult to free yourself from expensive luxury thingies, there is an easy solution. You simply need to switch your focus from "material" stuff to intangibles such as light, music, information, ideas, naturally flowing energies, and movement through space. It also helps to start paying attention to the natural world that surrounds you, especially the elemental energies of light, air, wind, stars, night, or thunder. When you shift your focus like this, the stuff lust simply isn't there any longer. And don't forget that in the years to come, the members of the ever-more transparent human race are not going to desire solid objects in space anyway. This means you.

Indulge in appreciation instead of ownership. Appreciation is another valuable intangible, especially since it is an energy which is completely free of cold hard cash. It is easy enough to do: if you encounter an object in space which pleases you, you should not make any attempt to acquire it but simply be glad that it exists. Then let it remain where it is so that other people can encounter it as well. You can do this with any kind of material good, work of art, or musical opus that you encounter: perceive it as intensely as you can and then move on. Lack of possession means not only that you will continue to live an unencumbered life, but that the universe will keep providing you with ever more new energy forms you can admire.

As long as we are in a money world try to avoid debt any way you can. With the possible exception of a home mortgage (and your oracle can guide you about that), do not under any circumstances go into debt. Debt is always an imprisonment where you have no room to maneuver. Equity, on the other hand, means freedom, up to and including the right to switch professions, start a new enterprise, create something of value, or just move on down the line. All of which are going to be the great desiderata of the Aquarian era.

If you're young, choose your future career wisely. In other words, pay no attention to the legacy financial crap you are probably getting from your elders and worsers. Chances are that their advice about careers in finance, accounting, marketing, or economics is not all that practical. Instead try to choose a way of earning your living based on the new kind of social and interconnected energies which are now manifesting, and make sure you consult your oracle to see if it is right for you. This will probably mean a low-money lifestyle, but don't forget that there are a good many crackpots around, including myself, who think that the less money you have, the more blessings you experience. See Chapter 9 of The Compleat Psychic about more career or business oracular advice.

Reread Walden (1854) every few years. No comment necessary.

But . . . but . . . but . . . Well, okay--if we're heading into a moneyless world, that means no more Wall Street, the London School of Economics, office torment, and getting and spending. But WHAT ABOUT LAS VEGAS? In a world without money, Las Vegas won't be there any more! We can't have that! Las Vegas is America's playground! Las Vegas has all the showgirls! Las Vegas gives us more thrills than hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes combined! How can Las Vegas just disappear from the face of the earth? Not to worry. You've got to remember why Native Americans originally settled in that particular part of the Mojave Desert: there were plenty of artesian wells. Las Vegas means the meadows in Spanish, and people were drawn to it because of the water which came spontaneously out of the earth. All of which means, as far as I'm concerned, that the town called Las Vegas has been erected upon a sacred site. So in a moneyless world Las Vegas won't disappear--it will turn into what it was originally intended to be, a place of holy pilgrimage. In the years to come as the casinos start shutting down, they will be replaced by much more spiritual endeavors, such as yoga centers, tea houses, meditation pavilions, qigong and taijiquan schools, sweat lodges, and retreats for vision quests. People will also want to visit to the area just to interact with the majestic desert elements: the clarity of the dry air, the silence of the empty spaces, and the intensity of both sun and starlight. As for the showgirls, they will finally be able to escape the meat market and turn back into human beings, to be honored, like all members of Indra's Net, as manifestations of the Divine. So Las Vegas will finally fulfill its true destiny: a place of sacred pilgrimage for all and sundry, and the enlightenment to be gained therein will be exponentially more valuable than losing your shirt.

* * *

So there you have it. The non-existent future of money. But cheer up. The moneyless world to come should be seen as a delight, not an appalling horror. In a world without money, greed would evaporate, as would resentment, inequality, cubicle slaves, and great big coercive governments. I know that I would like to live in that kind of world, especially since it would be the fulfillment of our celebrated American Dream. Most people believe that our American dream is a money dream--people came to this country for one reason only, to get rich. Well, we need to remember that there has always been a second American dream, that of reaching the Divine, which has been around as long as the first one. This is a much more beneficial dream to be sure, but what we now need is a third Dream. Only this time it should be a Dream that would not apply to that groupthink called the United States but to all seven billion of us humans. This would be a Planetary Dream based upon those Realities called universal interconnection and universal equality, and it would give each member of the human race the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The end of money is the one single thing which will cause the Planetary Dream to manifest. If you ask me, the sooner the better.

April, 2016