The Unitive Vision.

This essay summarizes the one single benefit which universal psychic ability can give to our planet: all of us humans will be able to move out of those illusions called separateness and inequality and into that blessing known as the unitive vision. This change is already starting to happen thanks to our computer revolution and the alteration in human energies which it has generated. Whether we realize it or not, all of us seven billion humans are going to start experiencing a new kind of consciousness, which in turn is going to create a much better kind of world. Here are my suggestions about how each one of us can help this new world to manifest:

The necessary first step. If you want to change the world, you need to change yourself first. And if you want to change yourself, the most important thing you need to do is learn how to work with Divine energy. This is simple enough: just follow my guide on How to Work with Divine Energy.

Understand what makes the best possible human being and then turn yourself into one. What makes the best possible human being should be an easy answer by now: the most admirable, successful, and revered people in human history are the ones who are filled with Divine energy. That is the kind of human being you should want to be. Mind you, a goal like this doesn't mean that you have to jettison all your ego-based desires for a pleasant earthly existence. However, you do need to start focusing your ambitions, desires, perceptions, and relationships around the experience of the Divine. For most of us this means that you need to ditch whatever toxic energies you're carting around in your psyche, such as attention-whoring, greed, groupthink, selfishness, envy, and manipulation. The good news is that once you have ditched these energies for good, the new kind of life you will be living is perpetually fun. And to get into this new reality the one single thing you need to focus on is . . .

Work on releasing your ego. Any human who is filled with Divine energy will inevitably start to focus more on that reality called Indra's Net instead of the desires of his or her own personal ego. This means that releasing your desires instead of furiously taking action to fulfill them should become the core reality of your existence. Fortunately, the more you start working with Divine energy, as in prayer, divination, and rta, the easier it becomes. Eventually the most important thing that's going to matter to you is not your own personal gratification but the well-being of your neighbors--and by neighbors, I mean every sentient being in the universe.

Work on releasing your allegiances to those cultural forms which are now as dead as nail in door. One of my lifelong heroes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, tells us over and over that whenever we realize that we're trapped in something dead, we should cut our losses and move into new space and freedom. He's right. So stop suffering under the delusion that any kind of "reform" can fix all the legacy systems which are crumbling to pieces before our eyes here in the 21st century. This especially includes any kind of giant manipulative something, such as the United States government. So stop dreaming that it can actually solve social or economic problems. Stop hoping that a new boss, governor, prime minister, president, pope, or CEO will be able to fix that which is unfixable. Stop dreaming that any kind of control freakery can get people to behave themselves. Stop deluding yourself that your own personal groupthink, as in racial, national, political, or religious groupthink, will make the world a better place. In case you haven't noticed, both your religion and/or your politics are very much legacy these days, and like all other useless paradigms they are rapidly collapsing into entropy. What you need to do instead is start focusing how you can help to bring in a completely new kind of world.

Ditch your linguistic groupthink. The globalized planet beginning to come will need a globalized language, and it should be obvious that the language of the planetary future is going to be English. We are already at a point where you cannot have a professional career anywhere in the world unless you know English. I am sure that these words will raise the hackles of anyone who venerates a different tongue. Well, people need to remember that of all the various forms of groupthink alive and kicking on the planet today, linguistic groupthink is one of the most toxic. So the sooner it goes, the better. And since I also believe that the English language has ideas of free speech and democracy hardwired into its sounds and syllables, the single-language planet to come is going to manifest with ideas of universal human rights. Having said all this, however, I must also admit that I am wholeheartedly in favor of people knowing more than one language, since bi- or trilingualism can give each one of us broader perspectives or even a new personality--and there is nothing like a fluid sense of personality to dampen down your ego-based desires. So if English is your native language, you should do your best to learn at least one other language. If you are not a native English speaker, you must do everything that you can to become fluent in the globalized language and make sure that your children start learning it as early as they can. They will thank you for it.

Avoid separateness experiences. As in sports, games, us-against-them videos, awards, or anything else which disrupts universal interconnection and equality. Yikes! How can I mean this? No more fun and games? No more beer and peanuts? No more Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Of all my recommendations, this one will probably strike people as the most hideously unendurable, especially since us-against-them provides some of the most pleasurable, if also most illusionary, experiences on the planet. Winning is the only thing! What's life without the thrill of victory (never mind the agony of defeat)? Sorry. Any kind of us-against-them competition which causes hurt or disappointment in even just one single sentient being is irredeemably toxic. The sooner competition of any kind disappears from our planet, the better.

Make the Golden Rule your ethical guiding star. Once you understand the Reality of universal interconnection, you will realize that you cannot do to another sentient being what you would not want done to yourself. This idea is known as the ethics of reciprocity, or more popularly as the Golden Rule, and it is an ethical guide in most human cultures. As well it should be. It is important to remember that a large proportion of the energies you send out into the universe remain with you. So if you put out any kind of negative energy directed at another sentient being, you are hurting yourself more than you are hurting him. Lots of luck trying to escape this kind of self-inflicted Cosmic Boomerang. But it is easy enough to cure: just keep practicing the Golden Rule.

Listen to music. I have long believed that music can be a universal cure-all for just about anything. After all, it is a manifestation of that rta energy called harmony, and there is nothing like Divine harmony to give you a sense of universal interconnection. Mind you, not all music is a manifestation of the Divine these days, not in a world still in thrall to separateness illusions. But if you make time every day listen to Divinely-inspired sounds like classical, jazz, ambient, or raga, this kind of music can knock you out of your toxic energies in a few seconds flat. So forget the videos and chill out to some inspired sounds. The more you listen, the more you will harmonize your own vibrations.

Encourage universal information and interconnection. These are the energies which are going to blast away the legacy top-down manipulation institutions which are still blighting the earth, and they cannot be stopped. So you need to do what you can to promote digital freedom of speech or information all over the world. Not everyone on Planet Earth has these rights yet, but the more people who start working for them, the sooner everyone will have them. A good place to start is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Remember that Aquarius is an air sign. The element of Aquarius is air, and air is an element which does not respect a boundary of any kind, whether fence, shield, barrier, enclosure, or national border. In the globalized world to come, all these illusory frontiers aren't going to be there any longer, which is all for the best. We should not forget that the only thing these artificial divisions have done throughout human history is block the natural flow of energies, so their eventual disappearance will be a blessing.

Practice universalist ideals. As far as your own personal life is concerned, you should do your best to universalize your reading, your movies, your cuisine, your music, and your lifestyle. In other words, stop it with any kind of groupthink, particularly the nationalist variety, and turn yourself into that treasure known as a citizen of the universe. The nice thing about being a citizen of the universe is that not only are you 100% guaranteed to come out a winner, so is everyone else.

Unification with the Divine. The unitive vision means not only a globalized perspective--it is also the method by which each one of us can achieve the greatest benefit of all, that of unification with the Divine. In case you've never realized it, all of us humans incarnate on this earth for one definite purpose, and no, it is not to make money. While it is up to you to discover what your specific life goals are (and your oracular tool can help you with this), the ultimate aim of every single one of us Homo sapiens is exactly the same: to reach union with the Divine. This is the kind of culmination which French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the Omega Point, the merging of all the jewels in Indra's Net with the Godhead (Teilhard de Chardin's 1955 book The Phenomenon of Man is online here). That's where you are going, and that's where you need to be.

April, 2016