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Here you will find free public domain ebooks about nature mysticism, philosophy, visionary experiences, aesthetics, tea, herbalism, the art of living, and anything else which I find interesting.  Please feel free to read online or download.  In the years to come I will be uploading as many public domain books on these subjects as I can find.  If you are interested in any of these topics, please keep coming back!


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Here are my latest additions.  A complete list of free ebooks available at this site is here.


Dillaway, Newton, ed.  The Gospel of Emerson (1940).  htm   •   epub    [Illustration: new5]

Goddard, Dwight. A Buddhist Bible (1932).  htm   •   epub    [Illustration: new5]

Shorthouse, J. Henry, ed. Golden Thoughts from the Spiritual Guide of Miguel Molinos (1883).  htm   •   epub     [Illustration: new5]

Volkman, Arthur G.  Thoreau on Man and Nature (1960).  htm   •   epub    [Illustration: new5]

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